Friday, May 11, 2012

2 Months

I'm a little late with doing my Month 2 update, but better late than never I guess. I had wanted to get an "update" picture to include, but haven't gotten coordinated for that yet...guess that will have to be a Month 2 supplement! :)

As of May 2nd, the official 2 Month mark, my total weight lost was 29.2lbs. Woo Hoo!

I must admit that it is a little hard for me to get my head around that I've lost 30lbs (as of 5/11 that's where I am) in only 9 weeks!

The second month with MediFast went well overall, although there were some ups and downs along the way. The rate with which the weight is coming off has certainly slowed over Month 1, but that's ok. It actually took a long while to gain the weight, so stands to reason that it should take time to lose it!

The beginning of the month was a little frustrating - I had a couple of "free meals" (I'll explain my approach on that in a bit) around my husband's birthday and Easter and between that and that I was sick - my weight pretty much stood still for about 2 weeks. However, once I started feeling better (stupid spring allergies) and stuck to my MediFast plan, everything got back on track.

One of the things I've given myself permission to do in this process is periodic "free meals". My goal in all of this is not just to lose the weight, but to make permanent changes to my lifestyle and relationship with food. Recognizing that I'm not going to spend the rest of my life eating strictly MediFast I want to be able to eat "normal" thing once in a while.

What once in a while means to me is once, maybe twice at the most in a month. I've given myself permission to use my monthly book club brunch as my main free meal, and then another sometime over the month if needed. I'm finding that this is keeping my head in a good place, that I am not feeling like I am missing anything, and that it's just a single meal, it's not going to derail me.

I've also started exercising - riding the recumbent bike I have. It's certainly easier with some of the weight lost, and I recognize that I need to do it to build strength and toning. I'm having ups and downs with my knees, so consistency with an exercise regimen is something I'm going to have to continue to work on.

In the end, I'm feeling comfortable with where I am so far, proud of the progress that I'm making and feeling adapted to MediFast enough that I have no problem continuing on. My goal is still to lose at least 40lbs. before I go on my summer vacation in July - feeling pretty attainable right now!

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